On this page we would like to share stories and information from our supporters and people that we meet on the way, that may be helpful to others on their journey to recovery from mental health. If you have something you would like to share here about please email us at or post a comment here:



  1. Teresa Rudgley says:

    Peter Breggin is a world expert in drug effects. He has written extensively on the damage drugs do to the human body.
    William Glasser is also an expert in the field of psychology and contends there is no such thing and mental illness – in fact all experts have to admit that there is categorically no evidence that mental illness is a physical illness, despite the fact that scientists have been looking for 150 years.
    Dr Mark Hyman lays out clearly in his book, Ultramind Solution, what is needed to heal the body and the brain.
    The Healing Homes programme in Sweden shows that simple love support and acceptance can heal.
    The verdict is in – mental health is achievable for all who want it, provided the right information and support is there in our communities.

  2. Donna Phillips says:

    I would like to correct a statement I posted on the petition site, please. I wrote that over 50% of all people treated commit suicide. Can I please amend that to read Over 50% of all suicides are people being treated at the time of suicide. I don’t actually know if the first statement is true or not, however the second is, and does suggest a correlation.
    Also 90% of all public massacres over the last two decades have been carried out by people being treated (for a mental health condition), In other words, on medication.
    We need to address the imbalance of information we receive about these meds, and have some genuine discussion on why our claim is that they cause harm. From a health perspective these facts are significantly opposite to claims made by manufacturers about medication. I feel uncomfortable that the truth is played out in the public domain on innocent people who fall victim because of a dangerous complication arising from misinformation; in medication fuelled attacks.
    They simply cannot both heal and harm, and if they harm more often than heal then this is a tragic path we are taking.
    I would like to see a different type of partnership develop in Mental Health Services, where people dot not need to fear being given a psychiatric diagnosis, knowing that it could mean being forced onto medication which a lot of people do not want, and social exclusion, poverty, increasing health problems ( major illnesses) recurring relapses, a gap in the legal system regarding your rights, which are delivered in this order- compliance with medication comes before rights.and were the facts about medication being harmful clearly unfounded then this would be tolerable.

  3. Donna Phillips says:

    In 2010 the W.H.O. (World Health Organisation) had a conference held in Sydney during which they looked at the ever increasing issues and effects of homelessness. Australia has been active in addressing this problem in its society with a magazine called the Big Issue (subsriptions available from Perhaps we could start up our own, perhaps for Christchurch, and hopefully throughout New Zealand.
    Reports (stories) at this conference came from: Matthew Cox – Planning an end to homelessness
    Ian Coverdale- Anyone can become homeless
    Natalie Susman- A wonderful job and a wonderful opportunity for homeless women:one woman’s tale of why she works as hard as she does
    Kristie Papanikolaou- From living on the streets to helping the homeless: one woman’s tale of how she turned her life around.
    We can do it- ( the verdict is out)

  4. Donna Phillips says:

    If you are an alert and self aware person and have followed the Movement against stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness you may have issue five of the magazine, the MH Awareness Week edition showing a photo of a radio disc jockey BEFORE he was put on clozapine. ( Under the caption Getting with the programme) To repeat, he was actually not on medication at the time the photo was taken.

  5. Donna Phillips says:

    An article by Mark Metherall in “The Age” July 27, 2009, regaarding a Federal Government Report about public health was titled “Hospital botches kill 4500” (“Hospital botches” are only a part of the entire iatrogenic spectrum)

    In his 1995 book Bad Medicine, Australian investigative journalist John Archer, derives his information via meta-analysis of some of the public domain medical literature regarding iatrogenic harm and concludes that approximately 50 000 iatrogenic deaths occur each year; {iii} This implies that iatrogenic death may be one of the leading causes of death in Australia.

  6. Donna Phillips says:

    My nurse who just arrived said to me that she did not drink aspartame containing drinks such as coca cola, but was sure that all the bad information about aspartame was a hoax because my psychiatrist said so. She said I was showing irritability for pulling her up short. Next she said that I should not think that what I said to her was private and a one way conversation. “But Katrina Tonks!” – Lord ave mercy! She wanted to make up stuff to extract information about a private clinic I am seeing, acting all friendly. I told her the reason all the money was being paid was to have privacy, something which I do not have in my flat due to the landlady constantly coming in while I am out.Katrina is now convinced that I am paranoid, like Paul Williamson istoo, because I research what goes into the medication they prescribe. Dr Chommy Kelly is antagonistic towards me researching anything against medication. So, reader, can you understand why it is the scourge of psychiatry?

    NB Olanzapine contains aspartame, the new aspartame is said to be from genetically engineered micro-organisms.

  7. Donna Phillips says:

    Samantha Parata and Katrina came bursting in just now to ENSURE that I was entirely compliant with the medication change to double the amount. Of course when threatened by medical mafia mobsters you go along entirely with them . The motto is Never argue with the insane.

  8. Donna Phillips says:

    They are taking me away for no reason

  9. Donna Phillips says:

    Gentle and smiling in His yellow robe, Yahweh God is the supreme disposer of earthly things

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