brief early autumn update

After finishing a rough draft of “one Woman Walking” (the book) back in November, which also coincided with the postponement of the Health Select Committee presentation, I felt a need to take some space from both Hikoi and kaupapa. It has been a time of enjoying summer; Tipi-raising and sleeping within; summer vege gardening (including my first attempt to grow kumara!); collecting native seed for a wonderful initiative in Miranda (Check out Te Whangai) and some massage. At the beginning of February I began to reorientate to both the presentation and the next step with getting the book published.
We agreed upon a date for the presentation, and I have invited Frank Bristol from Balance Whanganui and Teresa Rudgley from Whangarei to join me in meeting the HSC on March 12th.
Through pursuing funding options for publishing the book, I was pointed in the direction of the Ashton Wylie prize for unpublished manuscripts in the mind/body/spirit genre. The date for submitting manuscripts is 31st March, so it has been full steam ahead with both editing and preparations for the HSC meeting.
Of course bringing my consciousness back to both remembering the journey and being reminded of the kaupapa has re-enlivened my commitment to awareness-raising for change. I have been re-reading Paris Williams’ fantastic “Re-thinking Madness” Check out his website under that name. Paris has generously agreed to send through some of his slides for our presentation.
Please send us your supportive prayers/thoughts/blessings on March 12th

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