It was an amazing feeling to see Kapiti island from Kotiata beach near Whanganui and for it to really seep into my bones just how far I have walked and how close to the finish of the Hikoi I am!
For most of the Hikoi my costs have been fairly minimal, mainly food and communication costs and some 50/50 funding of equipment and clothing with very little spent on accommodation.
At the end of March I decided to use the donation from Tushita Charitable Trust to pay Miriam Larsen-Barr a small stipend for coordinating and helping promote the remainder of the events. This has proved invaluable already in events happening that wouldn’t have otherwise and having timely publicity for the remainder.
Over the past month or so I have needed to spend more on accommodation and have had some transport and hireage costs, so the funds have dropped considerably lately. I would very much like to be able to make a generous donation to Hearing Voices Network NZ as a hugely worthwhile charity, doing valuable work of the kind so very much needed to truly aid and empower recovery. http://www.hearingvoices.org.nz/
Adrienne Giacon (Auckland coordinator of HVNANZ) has put in countless hours behind the scenes, with this blog site and organizing our main fund-raiser in Auckland.
Maybe there are some of you who have been intending all along to give some financial support to the Hikoi…even if you are able to contribute a small a/p until petition presentation on June 11th, this would still be greatly appreciated….
HIKOI A/C 38-9006-0205358-03

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