Kerikeri Dec 31 2012

We left Kerikeri at about 1 today and did the beautiful coastal section between Paihia and Opua. Meeting last night was v small but well-engaged. There should be an article in local paper soon. Really good response from journalist who interviewed me on Sunday…

We are now in a noisy campground between Paihia and Opua after a beautiful walk through this coastal section. We catch a water taxi from here through the Waikere inlet in the morn and the track takes us through a mixture of bush and beach from there coming out at a few bays. We expect to be at Whanaanaki on 4th and my friend Bec leaves me on 5th.

I’m looking forward to walking with my friend Rachel, who may join us at Whanaanaki

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One Response to Kerikeri Dec 31 2012

  1. Teresa Rudgley says:

    This is a fantastic venture and a wonderful breath of fresh air for real solutions for people who experience crisis and their families who have to watch their loved one battle to have true respect. New Zealand could do so much better than the current treatment. Thank you for taking this cause on and raising awareness that there are more caring and successful ways of supporting people who need help.

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