90 miles Part 2

I found it quite a transition from beach mode to walking into my first “official public awareness raising event” in the beautiful new Te Ahu in Kaitatia. I was given a table and a space in the public central “atrium” and over my two hours there about six people came up to voice their own observations and concerns and offer their support for the Hikoi. Not surprisingly, most people are very distracted by the time of year, so this no doubt affected the number of people who came, but there was a real sense of engagement with those that did come, from their many different angles of involvement in mental health.
Today I have an interview with the local radio station and then it is getting organized for physical hikoi part 2: The Herekino/Raetae/ Puketi Forests section, accompanied by Simon and his friend Kristoff. Iam indeed grateful for their presence through this section, which is notorious for difficulty of terrain and marking….
I arrive in Kerikeri by the 30th for the second public meeting organized and hosted by Ora Ora Wellness Centre in Kerikeri, with much gratitude to Rolf and Inge for their generous and responsive willingness to take on supporting me at such short notice.
Thank you to all those who have sent messages of love and support,
I feel very well-blessed and “held”
with love,

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